Notice of race




5 – 11 October 2018
Venue : Vigo, Spain

Organizing Authorities: Club Maritimo de Vigo and Liceo Maritimo de Bouzas (Organizers) and the European Laser Class Association (EurILCA)


  1. RULES

1.1  The regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing. The prescriptions of the National Authority will not apply.

1.2  Laser class rule 7 (a) is restricted as follows: “Only one person shall be on board whilst racing. The person shall be named on the entry form.”

1.3  Appendix P “Special Procedures for Rule 42” will apply with changes to include; allowing a jury initiated redress, a points penalty for a first penalty given after finishing and to prohibit a boat that has been disqualified for a rule 42 infringement or has retired in recognition of a rule 42 infringement from sailing in the race if that race is restarted or re-sailed.

1.4  In all rules governing this regatta;
(a) (DP) denotes a rule for which the penalty is at the discretion of the International Jury; and
(b) (NP) denotes a rule that shall not be grounds for protests by a boat. This changes RRS 60.1(a).

1.5  (NP, DP) Advertising – The organizing authority may require competing boats to carry event sponsor advertising

1.6  If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.


2.1  Only current, fully paid members of the International Laser Class Association and of an WS National Authority may enter the regatta. These memberships shall be with the Laser Fleet/District Association and with the WS National Authority of the country, where the sailor normally sails, even though such place may not be his permanent residence; however, such member, for any valid reason and with the approval of both District Chairmen, may select instead the Fleet/District and the WS National Authority in which he has permanent residence in accordance with the ILCA Constitution, Article 10 (3) and the ILCA Class Rules, Part Two, Article 9. The sailor can only be member of one Laser Fleet/District Association.

2.2  Crew substitution of the registered sailor is not permitted.

2.3  No resale of entries is allowed.

2.4  This is an allocated place event. Each sailor shall apply using the official online application form (see paragraph 3).

2.5  Each sailor shall have an WS Sailor ID, which is required to enter the regatta. An WS Sailor ID can be obtained free of charge by registering online at:

2.6  Entry is restricted to experienced sailors who reach the following age in 2018;

35 to 44               Laser Standard Apprentice or Laser Radial Apprentice
45 to 54               Laser Standard Master or Laser Radial Master
55 to 64               Laser Standard Grand Master or Laser Radial Grand Master
65 or older         Laser Standard Great Grand Master or Laser Radial Great Grand Master Laser 75 or older Radial Legend Master
35 or older         Laser 4.7 women only

2.7 Proof of age will be required at registration.


3.1  Applications for entry will be accepted until 20 May 2018, 2359 GMT. The entry fee payment can only be made by credit card. If you have several credit cards you should use one with an expiry date after the 31 December 2018.

Reason: EurILCA can only make refunds to the same credit card used to pay for application and entry.

3.2  Application for entry shall be made at the EurILCA regatta website.

3.3  After the 20 May 2018 up until 5 June 2018 National Laser Association will rank the applications from its country. All sailors that are ranked within the country allocation limit (see the EurILCA regatta website above) will receive a place offer. Applications ranked lower than the country allocation limit will be added to the waiting list. National Laser Associations can refuse a sailor’s application based upon ability or non-ILCA membership.

3.4  All applications will be responded to by the 5 June 2018, being informed by email that:

  1. a place has been offered, or
  2. the application has been added to the waiting list, or
  3. the application has been declined by the National Laser Association.

3.5  After allocated places are offered, extra places will be offered to sailors on the waiting list, as available.

3.6  Sailors offered a place will have 14 days to complete entry.

3.7  The entry fee is EUR 210.

3.8  The entry closing date is 7 Sep 2018.

3.9  After 7 Sep 2018 entries will only be accepted at the discretion of EurILCA and upon payment of a late entry fee of EUR 260 (EUR 210+EUR 50)


Sailors who do not apply for an entry by 20 May 2018 have very little chance to attend the regatta. A sailor who has not applied by 20 May 2018 may nevertheless make a late application from 5 June 2018 until 7 Sep 2018. Once the National Laser Association has accepted and ranked the late application it will be automatically added to the waiting list.


Refund of the entry fee:

  1. If a sailor cancels the entry before the entry closing date, which is 7 Sep 2018 the full entry fee less a EUR 35 fee for bank and administration charges EUR 165 will be refunded approximately one week after the entry closing date.
  2. No entry fee is refundable for cancellations after 7 Sep 2018.
  3. Refunds are made to the credit card used to pay the entry fee. If at the time of the refund (the latest by 30 November 2018) the expiry date of your card has passed (but the number has remained the same) the refund is still possible, but is much more complicated and will therefore take longer. If you have changed your credit card in the meantime (new card type and/or new number) then the refund can only be made with a bank transfer (expenses split.) Please contact the EurILCA office in this case.

There are charter boats available from for this event:

BICASCO  –    –  +351 967 063 144


5.1  All competitors shall use only one hull, sail, batten set, mast, boom, centreboard and rudder; all of which shall be identified during equipment inspection.

5.2  In the event of damage, boats and equipment may only be substituted with the written permission of the regatta measurer in accordance with the sailing instructions.

5.3  For the purposes of rule G1.1, sails shall display the national letters of the WS member national authority under which the entry was accepted (see 2.1 above.) This changes rule G1.1.

5.4  When ashore boats shall be kept in their assigned places at the venue.

5.5  Boats may be required to display identification numbers.

5.6  Boats may be required to carry cameras, sound equipment or positioning equipment as specified by the organizing authority.

5.7  Access to the boat park may be restricted during certain hours including the hours of darkness.


6.1  The entries may be split into fleets and if so will sail a qualifying series followed by a final series.

6.2  If four races of a qualifying series have not been completed by the end of the third scheduled racing day, that qualifying series will continue until the end of the racing day in which a fourth qualifying race is completed.

6.3  A qualifying series race will not count until all qualifying series fleets have completed that race.


5 October           14:00 – 19:00 Registration, Equipment Inspection.
6 October           10:00-1230 & 13:30 – 18:00 Registration, Equipment Inspection and practice race at 15:00 followed by an opening ceremony.
7 October           2 races back to back.
8 October           2 races back to back.
9 October           2 races back to back.
10 October         2 races back to back.
11 October         2 races back to back followed by prize giving party and buffet meal.

7.1  The time of the first warning signal for the practice race will be 15:00.

7.2  The time of the first warning signal on 7-11 October will be 13:00.

7.3  Each day succeeding races will be started as soon as practicable after the finish of the previous race.

7.4  Any race whose warning signal is not given by 16:00 on the last day of the regatta will be abandoned and not resailed.


Copies of sailing instructions will be available from the race office during registration and from the EurILCA regatta website from 7 Sep 2018.


9.1  The race office is located in the main building at the Race Village.

9.2  The race office is open:

5 October from 14:00 – 19:00
6 October from 10:00 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 18:00
7 to 11 October from 09:00 until 30 minutes after the close of the protest time unless extended at the discretion of the Jury.


10.1  Information on equipment inspection will be posted on the official notice board. Boats shall be presented with all equipment that shall be used in the regatta, with the bottom mast and boom with all control lines rigged and with the sail and top section de-rigged ready for inspection.

10.2  Equipment inspection will take place at the boat park between the following dates and times:
5 October from 14:00–19:00 and 6 October from 10:00–12:30 & 13:30–18:00; Equipment inspection outside these times will only be possible at the discretion of the regatta measurer and on payment of EUR 20.

10.3  Wet clothing and equipment checks may be made throughout the regatta at the discretion of the class representative, race committee or the jury.


11.1  All coach/support boats shall pre-register online at the EurILCA regatta website before 7 Sep 2018.

11.2  All coach/support boat drivers shall confirm registration of their boats and submit the names and sails numbers of the sailors they are supporting at the race office before 18:00 on 6 October 2018.

11.3  Each coach/support boat shall be clearly display an identification number supplied at registration. No other individual support boats shall be used. No fee will be required for the identification number.

11.4  Each coach/support boat is required to carry a VHF radio capable of transmitting and receiving all international ship-to-ship channels.

11.5  Coach/support boat drivers and crews shall wear a life jacket or other adequate personal buoyancy securely fastened at all times when afloat except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment. Wet suits and dry suits do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy.

11.6  When the coach/support boat engine is running, coach/support boat drivers shall be connected to a device that will stop the engine if the boat driver falls out the boat or is otherwise not in control of the boat.

11.7  The movements of coach/support boats will be restricted as defined in the sailing instructions.

11.8  There will be a coaches/sailors meeting at the race office 2 hours before the first scheduled start time of the first race each day. The objectives of these meetings are to receive feedback from the coaches on the regatta organization, exchange points of view and inform the coaches about changes in the sailing instructions and regatta organization in general.


A trapezoid course will be used with inner and outer loops and an upwind finish. The target time for the first boat in each race will be 50 minutes.


An international jury will be appointed in accordance with Appendix N and perform the duties listed in rule N2.


To encourage boats to take penalties afloat, jury members may blow a whistle when they see what they believe to be a breach of a rule.


For protests where only a rule of Part 2 is alleged to have been broken, an arbitration hearing may be offered prior to any formal protest hearing.


There shall be no appeal from the decisions of the jury.


A boat shall neither make radio communication while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.


Each competitor shall wear a life jacket or other adequate personal buoyancy at all times when afloat. Wet suits and dry suits do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy.


19.1  A total of four races are required to be completed to constitute a championship.

19.2  When from four to nine races have been completed one race score will be excluded.

19.3  When a qualifying/final series is sailed:

  • The qualifying serie races and the final series races will count for total points in the championship.
  • A qualifying series race will not count until all qualifying series fleets have completed that race.
  • One qualifying series race score will be excluded when calculating the division into final series fleets.
  • If only one final series race is completed it will not be excluded.
  • If two or more final series races are completed then a maximum of one final series race score may be excluded.
  • For the purposes of rule A4.2 “Scoring” the number of boats entered into a qualifying/final series race will be the number of boats assigned to the largest qualifying fleet.

Laser Masters’ Championship

  • Prizes will be awarded in accordance with the ILCA Honour Awards By-Law for each of the following:

Laser Standard Apprentice Men Laser Standard Master Men
Laser Standard Grand Master Men
Laser Standard Great Grand Master Men
Laser Radial Apprentice Men & Women combined
Laser Radial Master Men & Women combined
Laser Radial Grand Master Men & Women combined
Laser Radial Great Grand Master Men & Women combined Laser Radial Legend Master (75 & over)
Laser 4.7 Women

20.2  Women’s results will be determined by the series score in the combined Men & Women competition. (Note: these results will be extracted from the overall results and published without recalculation.)

20.3  The Radial Legend Masters (75 & Over) result will be determined by the series score in the combined Great Grand Master and Radial Legend Master fleet. (note: this result will be extracted from the overall result and published without recalculation.).

EurILCA Medal Prizes : Will be awarded in accordance with the ILCA Honour Award By-Law.


By entering the regatta competitors accept that they may be photographed and/or videotaped participating in the regatta and/or using the regatta facilities and they consent to the taking of such images and to the use, reuse, publication and republication of such images in any media, in conjunction with the competitors name or not, without compensation and without the competitors approval of such images or any use thereof.


22.1  Club Maritimo de Vigo, Liceo Maritimo de Bouzas, EurILCA and all their officers, members and volunteers do not accept liability for loss of life or property, or personal injury or damage caused by or arising out of the regatta and competitors take part in the regatta at their own risk.

22.2  The establishment of the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions in no way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibilities of a competitor being solely and entirely responsible for the management of a boat he is sailing.

22.3  A competitor shall maintain their boat in a safe and seaworthy condition.

22.4  A competitor shall be of good health and a competent sailor capable of racing a Laser Standard or Laser Radial in open water in strong winds and it is his sole responsibility to decide to participate in a race or to continue racing.

22.5  All competitors shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of EUR 1,500,000 (1.5 million Euro) per event or equivalent thereof in any other currency.

22.6  A competitor is recommended to have personal accident and health insurance that covers them while attending the regatta and whilst racing.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, each competitor agrees to indemnify and hold EurILCA, Club Maritimo de Vigo and Club Maritimo de Bouzas, owners, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, committee persons and race officials acting in their official capacities harmless, from any third party claim to the extent arising from a competitor’s acts or omissions.

  1. LOCAL CONTACT (excluding entry and entry payment)

EurILCA Event Website

Organiser Event Website


This Notice of Race may be subject to amendments which will be published on the EurILCA regatta website.


Tel.+34 986226700
Fax.+34 986437487
E-mail (please refer Laser European Championship)


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