The European Laser Master, stellar competition of the Semana Abanca

Family photo autorithy and sponsors Semana Abanca (Photo Pedro Seoane)

Family photo autorithy and sponsors Semana Abanca (Photo Pedro Seoane)

It was presented at the headquarters of Abanca in Vigo, the great multi-class nautical event of the peninsular northwest that includes sailing, rowing and canoeing competitions. The Abanca Week, which will be held from September 15th to November 10th in waters of the Rías Baixas and Altas of Galicia, as well as on the north coast of Portugal, counts with the federative backing of the three nautical sports par excellence, and the support of a large part of the main nautical clubs of the Atlantic area.

The event was chaired by the Mayor of Vigo Mr. Abel Caballero, and was attended by the President of the Deputation de Pontevedra Mrs. Carmela Silva, as well as the head of the Port Authority of Vigo Mr. Enrique López Veiga, as of the Consortium of the Zona Franca of Vigo Mr.David Regades and the Xunta de Galicia Vigo Office Mr.Ignacio López Chaves.

Following the introduction made by the General Secretary of the event Mr. Manuel Pedro Seoane, the President of the Organizing Committee. Closing the chapter of the Organizers’ speeches was that of Mr. Walter Alvarez, Territorial Director of Abanca. Right after, they did so the representatives of two of the oldest companies supporting this event: Gadis and Coca Cola, as well as that of Mr. Juan Vieites from Anfaco, who has bet this year for his presence.

The round of speeches of the Institutions finalized, and Mr. Abel Caballero closed the presentation act. The Abanca Week is a macro event that was born at the beginning of this century when Mr. Manuel Fraga was the current President of the Xunta of Galicia and experienced a great boost with the next Government of Mr. Emlio Pérez Touriño. The basic philosophy of the Abanca Week is the to combine efforts between the Galician nautical, in a supportive way between nautical clubs throughout Galicia, without forgetting the peninsular areas with which historical relations are evident: as that of Asturias, Northern Portugal and even the Lands of Bierzo, which are on the agenda of the Abanca Week, in mid-term.

The competition starts this Saturday in waters of Vigo bay, with the Coca Cola Series at the Maritime Club of Canido, reserved for juvenile and senior sailing. The next competition is in Bouzas, with canoeing as the protagonist, organized by the Club Olívico. The third one also in Bouzas will be both The Cruise Regatta and the Regatta Gadis going on. The fourth and stellar cycle of the Semana Abanca 2018: the European Masters Laser Championship organized by the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas and the Maritime Club of Vigo, which have the support of the vast majority of the clubs in the Vigo estuary and will be held in the Sports Central Dock of the Port Authority of Vigo.

The European will take place between October 5th and 11th (Conxemar’s finishing dates have been taken into consideration for its programming), and 150 standard and radial lasers from 20 countries will be in competition, mostly from all over Europe, but given that it’s an “Open” event, boats from Australia, the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil will compete. The standards will compete for the Grand Prix “Concello de Vigo” and the radials will compete for the Grand Prix “Deputación de Pontevedra”.

After this great event, the Abanca Week 2018 will move to the Herculine city with the Lexus Breogán Cup organized by the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña. From there, moving on to Leixóes with the Vanguard Trophy organized by the Atlantic Sailing Club. Then once again to the north of Galicia with the Terras Gauda Regatta at the Club Náutico de Sada, and finally the school and traditional rowing cycles in Marín, at the beginning of November, among which the Spanish Yolas Championship with athletes from all over Spain, stands out.